Should I get a garbage disposal

A slow kitchen drain is annoying, but if it’s ignored, it will most likely get worse. The main reason kitchen drains backup is because of all the stuff people put down their garbage disposals. You might say that’s the whole point in having a garbage disposal… to grind up kitchen waste, right? However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be able to grind everything that goes through it.

We do not recommend using garbage disposals unless the only thing that goes through them is debris from your dirty dishes. You might be wondering, “Should I get a garbage disposal?” Well, we’re here to break down the answer.

There are many everyday things that your garbage disposal doesn’t like.

It might seem obvious, but the most important thing to remember is only to put biodegradable food into the disposal. That means no plastic, glass, metal, or paper products.

There are also some food items you should avoid putting down your drain:

  1. Fibrous materials, such as corn husks, celery stalks, onion skins, artichokes, and bones. These items will not grind properly and will get wedged in between the blades.
  2. Never pour hot grease down your garbage disposal. When the oil cools, it solidifies and clogs your kitchen drain. Your best approach is to let the grease cool and throw it into your garbage can.
  3. Avoid putting coffee grounds and tea leaves into your garbage disposal as well. They stay in the drain trap, and before you know it, the drain will be clogged.
  4. Don’t put flour, pasta, rice, and potato or vegetable peels down your disposal. These kinds of foods bind together and clog your pipes.

So, should you get a garbage disposal? Currently, many San Diego homeowners, apartment owners, plumbers, and remodeling contractors say ‘no’ to garbage disposals. Instead, they recommend to ‘go green!’ It helps the environment and prevents costly plumbing repairs at the same time.

Many people have garbage disposals installed in their homes but choose not to use them. Instead, they keep a removable strainer over their kitchen drain to keep non-food items from going down. We are also constantly reminded to conserve water and to recycle, so now more and more people decide they do not want their garbage disposal replaced when they break, but rather have a basket strainer installed in its place.

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