Can I flush something other than toilet paper?

A lot of families are homebound right now and we all know that because of the coronavirus things like toilet paper have become a precious commodity. What we have been finding is that our customers are using things besides toilet paper, when they run out, to flush down the toilet. This leads to some wondering can I flush something other than toilet paper?

The reason toilet paper is preferred is that it’s nice and thin. It tears effortlessly and the paper is designed to dissolve quite easily in water. So when you put it down the toilet it breaks up and goes easily down the pipe. It doesn’t tend to snag or catch.

What we have been seeing is that people are taking things like paper towels, because paper towels are a little easier to get a hold of right now, and using paper towels to flush down the toilet. Paper towels are made with thicker, tougher paper. It tends to ball up and form big chunks in a drain. If it goes down the toilet it is going to snag or get caught in turns. That will cause backups in the toilet and a lot of frustration for the whole family. It is best to just avoid it and throw it in the trash.

Is it OK to Flush Disinfectant Wipes?

Recently we have been using a lot of disinfectant wipes and many of them are deemed as flushable wipes. Do you know what happens when you put those flushable wipes down the toilet? The flushable wipes are a lot like the paper towels. Even if they say flushable, our experience has been that they still are a lot tougher than normal toilet paper. Flushing those down tends to create issues and we don’t want you to have a backup at a trying time.

Is it something that just impacts the toilet?

Anything you put down the toilet can affect anything in your home. Anything that goes down the toilet could wind up in a pipe that’s attached to your kitchen or your washing machine and you could have a backup there as well. So it is important to be sure we’re putting the right things down the toilet. So if you have to use paper towels or flushable wipes, make sure that they go in the trash can.

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