low water pressure

I went to a house recently for a routine water-pressure job. The customer was experiencing low water pressure throughout their home.

I discovered the water-pressure regulator was no longer functioning as designed, so the house water pressure could go no higher than 35 PSI which should have been between 55 and 75 pounds per square inch.

I shut down the water and turned off the recirculating pump, replaced the water pressure regulator and set it to 65 PSI.

But when I turned the water back on and plugged in the recirculating pump, I discovered the recirculating pump had been installed on the wrong side of the water heater and the hot and cold water pipes were crossed so the cold water into the water heater was going into the hot water outlet and the hot water was coming out of the cold water inlet, not allowing the water heater to function properly!

This caused the water heater to work much harder than designed due to a simple plumbing mistake made by the previous installer, who clearly didn’t know what he or she was doing!

The customer never knew of the issue until I brought it to their attention. The result of fixing the improper installation was a significantly lower gas bill.

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